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Reducing stress improves memory and learning,  healthy relationships, and improves general well-being. It also lowers employee cost including health care and sick leave. 

Elevate Movement Therapy Helps to Improve Performance of Corporate Employees

As a Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Yoga Teacher, Eva specializes in working with people who suffer from tension headaches, lower and upper back pain and high stress. Most of those symptoms are the result of high demanding jobs and bad posture.

Recognizing that the Fitness Industry doesn’t offer classes that specifically address those issues, Eva created Elevate Movement Therapy. It is a yoga-like workout, mixing cardio, corrective exercises, strength training, and relaxation. In addition to fitness, the goal is to help participants recharge their energy, release anxiety, and boost confidence.

Good posture, another results of Elevate Movement Therapy, commands respect and supports self-confidence. Notice the benefits of making great first impressions from improved posture.

Why choose Elevate Movement Therapy?

Elevate Movement Therapy combines Eastern philosophy and Western knowledge to support our 21st-century busy lifestyle. “Elevate” workout focus on the specific issues -mentioned above- people face today bringing forth the benefits of fitness, movement therapy, and yoga together.

If you would like to know more about the class, check out the Fitness Studios page.

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