Say "YES" to Your Body, Relationships and Happiness!

Weight loss Through Coaching and Courses are Designed to...

  • Make you fall in love with your body, exercising and eating healthy
  • Support you in letting go of self-blame
  • Free you from the endless yo-yo dieting 
  • Help you end self-sabotage
  • Teach you to value and trust yourself and your body 
  • Help you create a life in which you matter not only to yourself but to others too
  • Guide you to reclaim your personal power so you can create the life you were meant to live

Are you ready to rewrite your (body) story?

One on One Coaching

After a thorough initial interview, I create a plan that’s shaped to your unique needs and goals. Besides the biweekly coaching calls, e-mail support, I also offer 24/7 WhatsApp coaching.

The inner transformation you go through will shift every part of your life. The women who have worked with me experienced positive changes in their energy level, health, relationships, career, finances and other parts of their lives.

Online Courses

To make your transformation easier, I broke down your journey into four digestible sections. 

These courses will guide you in a step by step process to love & embrace your uniqueness, help you heal your body, your relationship with food & yourself. They will also help you to let go of the past that keeps you feeling stuck.

When you sign up for a course you will gain access to a memberships site with video classes, group coaching calls, private Facebook group with like-minded women, special event discounts, live videos and much more. 

It is time to nourish your body & Embrace Your uniqueness

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Start saying "YES" to Yourself!