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My coaching programs help women go from not feeling enough & hating their bodies to feeling free, fulfilled & happy.

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"I have lost a very stubborn 6 pounds over two months and that's the result part. My soul has gone through transformation. Positivity, integrity and sense of myself is just a few changes. I connect with you, it's a mind-body-soul combination...There is no judgment and we grow organically! Thanks Eva for changing my life beautifully!"
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Manisha Munhdra Beirwala
Founder & CEO
"Eva believes in people and teaches them to believe in themselves." (To protect client's privacy, this image is stock photo)

Lucy K.
Anybody who works with you will come out of the relationship empowered, enabled, confirmed and validated. That is what you do and who you are. You can't help yourself!! The lives you touch are changed forever."

(To protect client's privacy, this image is stock photo)
Joyce F.

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Weight Loss Through the Soul

The steps I took to rewrite my past and to transform my relationship with myself to be happy and fulfilled!

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